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Rusty me! XP - Shall we Debate? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rusty me! XP [Dec. 3rd, 2006|06:14 am]


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Sorry it took me a while to do this.. but mind you... I'M RUSTY...


[Gov. Right here k?] {This is kinda stupid... for now... XD Sorry ate tet... *sigh*}

Live: we can get along well with Nokor even if we allow them to go on with their nuclear activities and whatnot.

Nuclear: things that may be weapons of mass destruction

NOKOR: Communist country

* Nokor --> Nuclear country
--> Tested nuclear weapons
          * Underground
          * land
          * Water
          * Air
--> Sanctioned and warned by UN and neighboring countries
             * did not follow
--> neighboring countries
          * Japan, China, SOUTH KOREA
CHINA --> Ally of Nokor
--> Communist country
--> was somehow disappointed by what Nokor did.

We can live w/ a nuclear NK
* Provided they will not use the nuclear 'things' for bad ways like attacking SK... ;) [sorry ang labo nito]
*If they go against
--> countries affected should be paid by NK
--> economic sanctions

[Sobrang di ko to gets ate tet... i like doing opp better... XD Sorry i'm really rusty]

Here's the opp one... XD this is just as bad as the other one -__-
TH can live w/ a nuclear NK

* we can see here that sanctions have not prevented NK from testing their weapons. So why allow them? They might not just follow orders.

*There are health issues --> radiation [just like the one in Hiroshima & Nagasaki]

* Other countries wouldn't like NK to be so free in making nuclear weapons
 --> Sanctions & Warnings didn't stop them. so allowing them to make these nuclear weapons will give them enough freedom to make a lot of these nuclear weapons...


--> they will not listen to other countries or what they think.
Although it might help their country, there are still health concerns we can't avoid.
Also they might use these nuclear weapons to push the reunification of the 2 koreas.
Sorry ate tet... really rusty... will have to attend trainings! O_O